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Budget-Friendly Party

Book within 24 hours of inquiry and receive a 10% discount!

Please see our "About Us and Policies" Page​ for more information

Party Entertainment's costumes/performers for the budget-friendly party will utilize older costumes from our company due to upgrades for our other packages. These also may be store-bought costumes (superheroes). The payment is due in CASH the day of the party to the performer given discretely through a hand-shake. The pictures are for the costuming ONLY (Budget-Friendly performers subject to change).

-1 hour



-CASH ONLY will be accepted as payment on date of party.

-You MUST pay parking fees for the performer (if applicable).

-Additional Characters: $65

-Meet and Greet


-Storytime (x2)

-Photo Opportunities

-Happy Birthday/Cake Cutting


Retired Budget Friendly Characters

These characters are no longer offered, but we still would like to remember them.

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