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Party Package

Party Entertainment prides ourselves in our custom costuming and intricate details. These are NOT Party City costumes like many of our competition has NOR are they purchased from Etsy or other selling sites. The more intricate the costume and character, the higher the price. The below pricing is for simple characters (many of our princesses, Spiderman, and other characters are included with this pricing). Characters such as Batman and Captain Jack Sparrow are in our Custom Characters Package.

-1 hour



-Additional characters may be added ($75 per character)

-CASH ONLY will be accepted as payment on date of party.

-You MUST pay parking/entrance fees for the performer (if applicable).

A character attendant will be present with every character able to help, play music, and keep things running smoothly with open communication with you.

-Any ONE choice of character 

-Meet and Greets


FEMALE CHARACTERS: LIVE Singing (if the venue is quiet)/LIP Singing (if loud venue)

MALE CHARACTERS: Superhero/Pirate/Jedi Training

-Storytime (x2)



-Photo Opportunities

Crowning/Certificate Ceremony: Birthday Child will receive a crown OR sword and a certificate.

-Happy Birthday/Cake Cutting

-Royal Farewell

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