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Mascot Characters

-1 hour



-CASH ONLY will be accepted as payment on date of party.

-You MUST pay parking fees for the performer (if applicable).

-Additional Characters: $75

A character attendant will be present with every mascot character able to help and "talk" for them.

-Meet and Greet


-Storytime (x2)

-Activities from client (including minimal dancing, simple games, etc.)

-Photo Opportunities

-Happy Birthday/Cake Cutting


**Simple Games mean: tossing a ball GENTLY, watching the children swim or bounce in a bounce house, etc.**

Party Entertainment can bring our own music and games for an additional $15. Princess will lip-sing and play games/dances for this additional fee.

The princesses pictured below are also offered at this lower rate. They may or may not be accompanied by a character handler.

Retired Characters

These characters are no longer offered, but we still would like to remember them.

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