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Looking for male performers to perform as multiple princes, pirates, superheroes, and TV characters.

Nice build/Muscles


Must be able to talk as the character and be "silly"
 Email: Sarah at
 Call: Sarah at 954-614-5874

**Please leave a voicemail if you call**


Characters for Hire
Characters for Hire
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The Fun Questions!

Please review the following guidelines before submitting your application.

1.  Love for children of all ages and have some experience with them.

2.  A professional attitude and people skills.  We do not and will not tolerate unprofessional behavior or actions.  Taking part in such will result in your immediate termination.

3.  MUST have weekend availability-- the majority of our events and parties occur on Saturdays and Sundays early morning to late at night.

4.  Willing to meet for an interview and a trial of a character/fitting of a costume.  This will not be a paid session.

5.  Must be outgoing, responsible, flexible, have a clean appearance, drug-free, alcohol-free, smoke-free, professional, and dependable.

6.  No visible facial or body piercings (ie. tongue, nose, lips, gauges, or belly button piercings)

7.  No visible tattoos.

8.  Must have knowledge of ALL of your princess characters, stories, and songs.

9.  Must BELIEVE you are the character you are portraying, not just 'act,' but BECOME the character.

10.  If you damage any costumes/wigs beyond repair, replacement cost will be your responsibility and taken out of your pay.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to your application.

Thanks for submitting!

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