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MakeOver Party
Makeover Party

-1.5 hours/2 hours (depending on number of children)



-Set up by FOUR (4) Party Entertainers

-Full beauty Makeover and Show

-CASH ONLY will be accepted as payment on date of party.

-You MUST pay parking fees for the performer (if applicable).

-Set Up

-FULL service Hair

-FULL service Nails

-FULL service Makeup

-Music provided

-Fashion Show on Pink Carpet

-Photo Opportunities

-Clean Up


UPGRADE to a Spa Party for only $65 more!


**May add on characters at $70 each**

Characters will arrive to the party after the majority of the children have received their full makeovers. The character will converse with children finishing up their makeovers and walk/pose with the children down the "runway."

Makeover Party
Makeover Party
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